Review: Giant Days, Vol. 6 by John Allison

It felt so good to be back for another round of Giant Days, following our three wholesome “grown-up women in the modern world.”

Second year begins and Daisy, Susan, and Esther have taken their friendship commitment to the next level by moving into their “beautiful home”, off-campus. But the keys didn’t come without a whole new level of responsibility. Unwanted suitor visits, a robbery, and Susan living only a few blocks apart from her ex-boyfriend, McGraw has made the dorms feel like a haven. The girls are in for a dose of reality when they learn that there’s more to being an adult than paying your own rent.

This newest addition to the series was the most grown up we’ve seen our group. From crossing the brink of adulthood by hosting a fancy dinner party at their new home to dealing with unexpected tragedies happening all around. We’ve matured a lot as a group.Giant Days, Vol. 6 5-- bookspoilsThere’s a reason why Giant Days is the only comic series I actually bother to keep up with consecutively, and the answer lies mostly within the characters.

  • We have a new story arc centering around Daisy. From visiting her past to find out the reason behind her parents’ tragic and unforeseeable death, to watching her branch out and date her complete opposite in the present. I never tire of seeing Daisy Wooton have more “screen” time.Giant Days, Vol. 6 1-- bookspoils
  • In the meantime, with Daisy taking advantage of her youth, Esther has taken on the mom-friend duty with excellence.Giant Days, Vol. 6 2-- bookspoils
  • The humor is remarkably up to par in this newest volume, like, morbidly so.Giant Days, Vol. 6 3-- bookspoilsThe last panel actually made me laugh out loud.
  • Speaking of which, here’s another gem of classic comedy:

Giant Days, Vol. 6 4-- bookspoilsEsther’s comment “He’s going to break the toilet” broke me.

  • Finally, on a completely unrelated note, the tumultuous relationship between McGraw and Susan is unfortunately still happening. Though I’m secretly hoping they work things out in future issues, I’m still game for whatever direction the writers decide to head in.


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Review: Hi-Fi Fight Club #1 by Carly Usdin

I found this girl-power comic at the back of Misfit City #2 nearly two months ago and was immediately intrigued by the beautiful cover and premise of “a music-infused, action-adventure series that takes rock ’n’ roll fandom out of the record store and into the streets.”Hi-Fi Fight Club #1 1-- bookspoilsNew Jersey, 1998. Chris has just started the teen dream job: working at Vinyl Mayhem, the local record store. She’s prepared to deal with anything-misogynistic metalheads, grunge wannabes, even a crush on her wicked cute co-worker, Maggie. But when Rory Gory, the staff’s favorite singer, mysteriously vanishes the night before her band’s show in town, Chris finds out her co-workers are doing more than just sorting vinyl…her local indie record store is also a front for a teen girl vigilante fight club!

So my expectations were set pretty high for this first issue, just because Hi-Fi Fight Club had such a unique and promising setting. Hi-Fi Fight Club #1 2-- bookspoilsBut this introducing piece felt more like a setting-everything-up-for-future-issues than something of its own where we get to see the girls together just talking and hanging out. But since it’s only issue #1 and I know that my expectations are way too high, I’m going easy on it.

I am excited, however, to see what the follow-up pieces will entail for our group of strong female individuals. I’m just hoping we’ll get to see some character building between the girls. (I’m pretty stoked about Irene, Kennedy, and Dolores.)

3.5/5 stars

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Review: Moonstruck #2 by Grace Ellis

I’ve been eagerly counting down for the release of this second piece of Moonstruck the minute, nay, the second I finished reading (and reviewing) the introducing issue. So here’s Chet with a pretty accurate visual of my reaction to beginning #2:Moonstruck #2 1-- bookspoilsIn their world full of monsters, mythological entities and fantastical creatures, this follow-up piece begs the question, “Is magic unnecessary in this world where we use magic all the time in our daily lives?” And ends on an unforeseeable note regarding our brilliant cast of characters. The creators of this comic sure know how to throw a curveball at me, I’ll give them that. Also, the story went by so fast. You start to get into it and just like that it’s over.

Speaking of which, let’s backtrack to the beginning of #2, where all this is set against a backdrop of, “werewolves Julie and Selena are heading out on a real, 3D date to a magic show (along with a peppy third-weel-slash-centaur-Chet)! There’s something not quite right about this magic show, though. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Will our heroes make it out in one piece? Who is this Dorian guy anyway?”

First things first: The fact that we get to accompany Julie and Selena (and Chet) on their magical first date set during a magic show was… enchanting. Which so are they together:

Moonstruck #2 2-- bookspoilsMoonstruck #2 3-- bookspoilsMoonstruck #2 4-- bookspoilsI got delivered pretty much everything I wanted in terms of a cute first date. I mean:

Moonstruck #2 6-- bookspoilsSwoon.

Also, I have to note how the art in here continues to amaze me in terms of fitting to the accompanying theme. The warm colors added immensely to the magical element.

Moonstruck #2 5-- bookspoilsI still don’t have the vocabulary to explain how it so great.

Moonstruck #2 7-- bookspoils

Chet is my icon who makes me want to take on the world, so I’m practically biting my nails to find out what’s next in store for my favorites. But I was more than glad to see that the characters remained just as I’d remembered them in issue #1: With biting humor and acerbic wit.

4/5 stars

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