Heartbreak and Love Poems in The Longest Night by Ranata Suzuki

I knew this was a keeper the minute I read the following:


And I’m thankful for the author (kind people rock my world) for sending me a review copy, featuring this utterly gorgeous cover giving me subtle Shatter Me cover vibes. I can’t stop staring at the details, like the mesmerizing moon and stars in the eye:

I also felt beyond grateful when I realized, as soon as I started reading, that The Longest Night puts on paper exactly what’s been circling my mind for the past year, and only recently begun receding bit by bit. If I ever throw away my journals from that period in my life, I know I’m safe with just turning to this book since it rawly and meticulously captures all the (tiring) stages you go through, from curiosity to obsession to realistically realizing to growing away and moving on. The ‘About the Author’ section voiced it best: “her voice will move you quite simply because it sounds so much like the voice inside your own heart.”The Longest Night 6- bookspoils

Now, comes my favorite part of sharing some of the brilliant pieces that really settled in my heart:

The Longest Night 7- bookspoils
This perfectly captures the whirlwind your mind goes through when infatuated with someone. The constant vivid imagery is exhausting…The Longest Night 2- bookspoils

The Longest Night 8- bookspoils

This!! Gets!! It!!

The Longest Night 1- bookspoils

The Longest Night 5- bookspoilsThe philosophy of a person holding meaning only in relation to something. Also: names are never just names…

The Longest Night 8- bookspoilsRealizing that you’ve matured for the better and “you’re not the same person anymore” is pivotal.The Longest Night 4- bookspoils
Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.46.55Though some poems came to resemble each other a bit too closely the more I read one because of the set theme of heartbreak (there’s only so many ways to describe missing someone…), I left The Longest Night in solidarity and stronger in spirit. I’d recommend it for fans of This Is Me Letting You Go by Heidi Priebe.

bookspoilsbookspoilsbookspoilsbookspoils star

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