Review: Coady and The Creepies by Liz Prince

Coady and The Creepies 3-- bookspoilsI got hooked on Coady and The Creepies as soon as I reached the ending of the 1st issue, simply because it went down such an unexpected road that I was quite literally left dumbfounded. Had I read the blurb the surprise would have been 100% ruined, but I thankfully went into this not knowing what the expect and it payed off so much in the end.
And I’m just now laughing at myself for thinking this would be just anther contemporary graphic novel like Giant Days and the like.

So this comic is essentially centered around sisters and bandmates Coady, Corey, and Criss as The Creepies, a trio of punk rockers determined to become the greatest band that’s ever lived. But that’s kinda tough when one of them is technically dead. As The Creepies, they’re heading out on their first tour since a freak accident left Coady eerily unscathed…fighting their way through blood-sucking promoters, fanboy zombies and ghoulish rival bands to achieve their dream. There’s only one problem…it’s hard to be the greatest band that ever lived when your drummer is…a ghost?

Coady and The Creepies 2-- bookspoilsTalk about unexpected…

Their horror pop punk band “The Creepies” includes:Coady and The Creepies 5-- bookspoils

Corey as the bassist and lead singer: she was left with a huge scar across her face during the van accident, and she hates when people make Harry Potter references at her.

Criss is the guitarist, who totally shreds despite being in a wheelchair after the accident: she is obsessed with ghost stories, urban legends, and local lore, and often bores the rest of the band to death by reading from a giant tome of the history of the supernatural.

That is to say: She’s my favorite. And I appreciate her love for the supernatural non-creepy ghosts in here.

And Coady is the drummer of the Creepies: she experienced unwanted fame from the outcome of the accident, which left her seemingly unscathed, and she often runs from the spotlight (there’s a reason why she’s behind a drum kit!) Her sisters are a little bit jealous that she was the only one who didn’t get seriously injured when their van crashed, but that’s only because they don’t know that she’s actually dead.

So I was over the moon to discover one of their songs brought to life:

But what I cherished most about the band was how both Corey and Coady reminded me immensely of the dynamic duo in The Raven Cycle: Ronan Lynch and Noah Czerny, respectively.

Corey is gay, cynical, and angry, just like Ronan. And they both enjoy shoving people off high spaces:Coady and The Creepies 7-- bookspoils

While Coady has Noah’s signature “I’m dead” reminders that this next post perfectly captured:


Coady and The Creepies 8-- bookspoils

Coady and The Creepies 9-- bookspoils

Like her sister said, she’s totally punk, even if she is super emo most of the time.

Plus, the unexpected humor in here was another pleasant surprise, which is why I have to feature another round of excerpts:

Coady and The Creepies 4-- bookspoils

Coady and The Creepies 6-- bookspoils

Moving on to the star of this comic, Criss whose obsession with ghosts is all too relatable for me.

Coady and The Creepies 1-- bookspoilsNot only that but seeing this graphic novel include an important section where Criss addresses and voices her rights made my heart soar. Coady and The Creepies 10-- bookspoils

Coady and The Creepies 11-- bookspoils

Overall, Coady and The Creepies wasn’t without flaws, but it got a lot of important things right for which I’m more than grateful. It’s for sure a treasure not to be missed.

4/5 stars

Note: I’m an Amazon Affiliate. If you’re interested in buying Coady and The Creepies, just click on the image below to go through my link. I’ll make a small commission!

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