Review: SLAM! Vol. 1 by Pamela Ribon

SLAM! Vol. 1 2-- bookspoilsIn the fast-paced, hard-hitting, super cheeky, all-female world of banked track roller derby, two young women will have to decide if their budding friendship is stronger than the pull of a team when a win is on the line.

SLAM! Vol. 1 6-- bookspoils

Reading this comic right after having watched the Netflix series GLOW felt like the perfect thing to get into next.

Similar to the above, not only do we have the badassness of derby to keep us entertained, the visuals in SLAM! are remarkably eye-catching. From the illustrations to the color palettes, it was hard not to get caught up in the world of roller derby.

And bonus points, the dialogue was actually engaging and even had its memorable laugh-out-loud moments here and there. We also have discussions about the difficulties of balancing your personal life with sports. Mom friends. Supporting friends holding posters with puns in the crow. Maintaining your friendships on and off the track. And a bunch more is included over the course of these four issues.

Also, I loved spotting the many feminist shirts in the panels:

SLAM! Vol. 1 4-- bookspoils

SLAM! Vol. 1 14-- bookspoils

On that note, here are some of my favorite illustrated moments:

SLAM! Vol. 1 3-- bookspoils

SLAM! Vol. 1 5-- bookspoilsThose witty commentaries:SLAM! Vol. 1 7-- bookspoils

And those cute budding romances:SLAM! Vol. 1 8-- bookspoils

Which then leads to Maisie (aka “Can-Can”) being on cloud nine, similar to how Noora Sætre acted when she also got laid towards the end of Skam season four.SLAM! Vol. 1 10-- bookspoilsI mean, this is just a huge parallel:

Cute 2.0:SLAM! Vol. 1 11-- bookspoils

The dude even prepared a cheesy supportive poster:SLAM! Vol. 1 13-- bookspoils

And last but note least, I’ll always shout-out my fellow mom friends:SLAM! Vol. 1 12-- bookspoils

All in all: I’m ecstatic to see what’s in store for these badass ladies in the near future. I’m just sad that I have to wait nearly two months to find out what happens in the next issue.

4/5 stars

Note: I’m an Amazon Affiliate. If you’re interested in buying SLAM! Vol. 1, just click on the image below to go through my link. I’ll make a small commission!

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