Review: Misfit City #1 by Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith, Kurt Lustgarten

Misfit City #1 2-- bookspoilsI’ve been counting for this issue to come out ever since I saw it featured in this spectacular piece. What caught my eye in particular was this next paragraph describing the characters in Misfit City:

In this enterprising, but still slightly skeptical, crew are: Wilder, the de-facto leader and a budding young activist; her nose-blind-yet-genius dog Pippin; snark musician (and best friend) Macy; New Age optimist Karma; hustle-seeking Ed; and the book-loving Dot.

It sounded right up my alley, especially with recently having read and adored Spell on Wheels, since it looked like Misfit City might have a similar group dynamic. And it really was!!

This follows a diverse group of friends living in Cannon Cove, Oregon. Home to lush seaside forests, pirate legends, tasty oysters, and the filming location for one of the most beloved kids’ adventure movies of all time. It’s the perfect place to grow up…to everyone who isn’t from here. Misfit City #1 1-- bookspoils(The girls from left to right: Karma, Wilder, Dot, Macy.)

And I know that this is only the first issue in the overall story, but it had me so hooked and invested from the start. Here’s just a few points on what I cherished:

  • The art is really reminiscent of what I’m used to with Faith Erin Hicks. Also, the color palette is incredibly lively and warm. I love it.

Misfit City #1 3-- bookspoils

  • I instantly connected with Macy because I love the fact that she’s in a band that’s described as “an electropunk feminist noise duo.” I really hope to see more of her. Oh, and also more of Karma because I love her endless optimism and eccentricities.
  • Also, the dialogue and vibes are on-point in this comic, which I came to understand why when I read that Misfit City is written by award-winning screenwriter Kiwi Smith (10 Things I Hate About YouLegally Blonde) (Aka two of my most rewatched films).
  • You can count me in to follow this rip-roaring adventure from issue to issue.

Misfit City #1 5-- bookspoils

4/5 stars

Note: I’m an Amazon Affiliate. If you’re interested in buying Misfit City #1, just click on the image below to go through my link. I’ll make a small commission!

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