Review: Giant Days, Vol. 4 by John Allison

It’s springtime at Sheffield University—the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and fast-pals Susan, Esther and Daisy continue to survive their freshman year of college. Susan is barely dealing with her recent breakup with McGraw, Esther is considering dropping out of school, and Daisy is trying to keep everyone and everyTHING from falling apart! Combined with house-hunting, indie film festivals, and online dating, can the girls make it to second year?

This volume was so fun and lively. We continue right where we left off in the previous one aka convincing Esther not to drop out of her studies just yet. And a lot of new happenings also occur, such as:

  • Seeing Daisy with her grandmother. (I want more of Daisy at home!!)giant-days-vol-4-1-bookspoils
  • Another favorite is back with her adorable baby to give Esther some much needed advice.giant-days-vol-4-4-bookspoilsAnd she’s still a badass, just like her sweatpants spell out:giant-days-vol-4-5-bookspoils
  • Susan and Daisy arrive at Esther’s house to convince her to come back to university.
  • Esther gives in and agrees to return to her studies, as she simultaneously realizes that her home town isn’t as great as she recalled.
  • The group returns to school on the lookout for new living accommodations for their sophomore year. Things get quickly complicated when they realize that there are virtually no fitting homes for them. But things have a way of working themselves out after a necessary street fight with Ed and McGraw about the house.
  • Daisy’s bisexuality is finally mentioned again!!giant-days-vol-4-7-bookspoils
  • giant-days-vol-4-9-bookspoils
  • And in case you’re wondering, she’s still the best mom friend as always #goals.
  • Meanwhile, Susan gets back into dating, which isn’t as promising as she thought it would be.giant-days-vol-4-10-bookspoils
  • Oh, and Esther gets to star in a movie, which is also not as promising as she thought it would be.
  • All this to say: College is a mess. (And this was just their first year.)

A whole lot of other shenanigans occur throughout that left me jumping from issue to issue. And I just cannot wait to see my girls go on and succeed in the next volumes.

3.5/5 stars 

Note: I’m an Amazon Affiliate. If you’re interested in buying Giant Days Vol. 4, just click on the image below to go through my link. I’ll make a small commission!

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