Review: I Hate Fairyland, Volume 2 by Skottie Young

Gertrude’s still stuck in Fairyland and trying to get the fluff back home, but her quest hits a bit of a roadblock when she winds up being crowned Queen! All hail Gertrude, the new Queen of Fairyland. Join Gert as she rules the world she hates, meets a new friend named Duncan Dragon, gets her face smashed in by a beautiful princess, and makes a choice that may very well lead to the last days of Fairyland.

I was really anticipating this volume because we were left on quite the cliffhanger in the last one. But in retrospect, I Hate Fairyland, Volume 2 was utterly forgettable save for a few comedic bits here and there. Oh, and the art! The art was quite fascinating when it changed its style to fit the world of video games.

But let’s start at the beginning:

i-hate-fairyland-vol-2-7-bookspoilsi-hate-fairyland-vol-2-8-bookspoilsSo damn cool!!!i-hate-fairyland-vol-2-9-bookspoilsHA! I loved this random shout-out to Broad City.i-hate-fairyland-vol-2-10-bookspoils


Overall, this volume didn’t live up to my expectations and was in the end quite anticlimactic. I was also left feeling confused on whether this was the last volume or if there will be another one?

3/5 stars

Note: I’m an Amazon Affiliate. If you’re interested in buying I Hate Fairyland, Volume 2, just click on the image below to go through my link. I’ll make a small commission!

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