Review: Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3 by G. Willow Wilson

Love is in the air, and Kamala Khan is the one most effected when an anonymous love letter arrives in her, right, speaking of a nice young doctor: Kamran, an old family friend, who’s grown quite a lot since he and Kamala last got together, comes to visits. They get talking and notice pretty quickly how similar their tastes are. ms-marvel-vol-3-4-bookspoilsBy-the-bye, it was a great surprise for me to recognize a reference to a famous Bollywood actor!

But before they can get too close, her brother sets some, and I forgot to mention: the family’s back!ms-marvel-vol-3-3-bookspoilsThough the art style has changed pretty drastically from the first volume, I’m glad to see that Kamala’s charm hasn’t.

But I do have to mentioned that the art had some great moments when we got to see just how clean the bottom of Ms Marvel’s shoes are:ms-marvel-vol-3-2-bookspoilsms-marvel-vol-3-6-bookspoilsms-marvel-vol-3-10-bookspoils(I included the above one here just because of how beautiful it is!)ms-marvel-vol-3-14-bookspoilsBut back to discussing the events that went down here… with strict parents on her case, her best friend Bruno by her side and a whole lot of weird ensnaring Jersey City every day, Kamala soon realizes that being a Superhero is…complicated. And when it’s not her brother intervening, it’s the damn city and its to make matters worse, Kamran turns out to be both inhuman (the evil kind) and a victim-blaming prick:ms-marvel-vol-3-8-bookspoilsJust when Kamala thought she’d met someone she could be herself with, Kamran showed his true colors, kidnapping her and bringing her to New Attilan– where his duplicitous boss, Lineage, is staging a

ms-marvel-vol-3-15-bookspoilsYou don’t mess with Ms Marvel without having some harm thrown your way. Kamala shows him just what it means messing with her.

And on her way out we get to know some incredible inside scoop:ms-marvel-vol-3-16-bookspoilsI’m thinking of her brother, Aamir, but maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions…?

P.S. Did anyone else miss Lockjaw like crazy? I hope he makes a bigger comeback in volume four.

Overall, Ms. Marvel, Vol 3 was nice addition to Kamala’s life, but in hindsight didn’t really add anything to the ongoing story arc until the end. It was, however, a great way to spend my weekend in a flash.

3/5 stars

Note: I’m an Amazon Affiliate. If you’re interested in buying Ms. Marvel, Vol. 3, just click on the image below to go through my link. I’ll make a small commission!

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