November 2016 Reading Wrap Up

I’ve been really into memoirs as of late, so that’s what this month was mainly about. It started with reading Buffering by Hannah Hart, and then I just needed more of that magic that I seem to find in the nonfiction section.
In total I read 17 book this month:

Books I haven’t stopped thinking about:
Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.born-a-crime-bookspoils

The ability to write down childhood memories in both such a hysterical and deeply personal way will always astonish me. And as a result, I keep thinking of Trevor Noah’s coming-of-age stories randomly throughout the day.

Born a Crime was an honest, compassionate, funny enough to make you laugh out loud, and enlightening read. 10/10 would recommend.

Books I decided to DNF:
Heartless by Marissa Meyer.heartless-bookspoils

It kind of hurt to DNF my most anticipated book of the year, but at the same time I felt entirely relieved when I finally put it down.

As I mentioned in my review, I didn’t want to feel like I was forcing myself to read the one book I’ve been waiting for this whole year. But I just couldn’t enjoy myself, and I ultimately felt like I needed to take a break from fantasy for awhile. I still do.

I’m hoping with all my heart that when I pick it up again, I’ll enjoy it more.

Honorable Mention:

After reading Issa Rae’s hilarious, honest, and bold collection of essays in The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, I simply had to start watching her show Insecure. The show looks at the friendship, experiences and tribulations of two black women. And it seriously lived up to the hype I created in my mind and so much more.

I don’t usually get hooked on tv shows while watching the first episode, but with Insecure it was impossible not to. Every single episode brings something new and brilliant to the table with a bunch of charming, highly spirited and intelligent characters.

Also, Kelli (played by the stunning Natasha Rothwell) makes me over the moon happy. You know a scene is going to be good when she shows up.
tumblr_ofl54bxvs21sjcdg6o2_500tumblr_ofl54bxvs21sjcdg6o1_500And this next line is fucking MAGIC:ezgif-com-video-to-gifI’m so thrilled this show got renewed for a second season!!!

That was my November wrap-up, thank you for reading!

3 thoughts on “November 2016 Reading Wrap Up”

  1. That show looks so good! I didn’t know about it, but I definitely have to check it out. Also, amazing reads this month! I want to read many of those books. I’m glad you enjoyed Trevor Noah’s book, I’m looking forward to pick it up 😀

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