August 2016 Reading Wrap Up

My reading this month really surprised me because I steered a bit from my usual genres and discovered new categories that I absolutely loved (e.g. memoirs and short stories).
In total I read 15 books this month.

  • Books I haven’t stopped thinking about:
    I’m Supposed to Protect You from All This by Nadja Spiegelman. This was such a surprising favorite because I hadn’t read and loved a memoir before. But it made me want to re-discover the genre. Truly such an amazing story… I even had to talk about it with my mother.
  • Books I decided to DNF:
    Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín.23492483 I watched and enjoyed the movie awhile back, so I finally decided to sit down and read the book. And I was surprisingly let down – mostly because the book has a lot more telling than showing, which I really, really disliked. And I also found that this kind of storytelling was better for the big screen, where it’s actually better to show than tell.

Honorable Mention:tumblr_nyczh8gikn1r3e92ro2_500

I watched Captain America: Civil War and this movie was the definition of epic… I think I finally found my favorite Marvel film.

There were so many moments that I absolutely loved, and I have to say that Tom Holland as Spider-Man was one of the most brilliant things in this movie.


He had some of the best lines that still make me crack up when I think about them randomly throughout the day. Particularly the one where he said to Captain America, “Stark said you’d say that. He also said to go for your legs.”tumblr_ob0o7j8mtr1qlmm69o1_400

It was just truly incredible… the beginning and the dialogue and everything was spectacular!!!

And no, I totally haven’t been obsessively watching interviews with the cast… Who, me?? Nope…


Best thing to watch at 2am!! I laughed at it for a solid 5 minutes.

That was my August wrap up, thank you for reading!

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