June 2016 Reading Wrap Up


This month started and ended out mostly with graphic novels, which I’m pretty happy about.
I read a total of 19 books (11 graphic novels and 8 novels):

Honorable Mention:
I watched this hilariously beautiful show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in the first week of June. I was really hesitant with wanting to start this because of the title, but I’m glad that I did.  I told myself to just watch one episode and that, naturally, turned into watching 6 more back-to-back (totally worth it).

The main character, Rebecca, is extremely flawed but she is so much more than just a “crazy ex-girlfriend.” The show tackles a lot of current issues and, in my opinion, in a really well-mannered way.

It’s hard trying to explain the charm of the show, so I guess you’ll just have to watch it yourself.

And my favorite episodes have to be episode 2 and 11— they still make me laugh, especially the songs* featured within.

*The songs:
The Sexy Getting Ready Song (from episode 2):

You Stupid Bitch (from episode 11):

That was my June Wrap Up, thank you for reading!